InStill Change 

On November 12, 1966, Stephen Stills found himself a first hand witness to the demonstrations taking place on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California as activists and police dramatically clashed. He was inspired to immediately pen the song, “For What It’s Worth” in response to these events. A song that has become a cultural iconic mainstay and protest anthem.

Once more, we see people on our screens and in our streets, fighting for justice. But this time feels different. Our country is increasingly polarized. Social and political unrest is pressurized by an uncontrolled pandemic. Racism is on the rise, and we are seeing civil disobedience and protests in support of those who’s lives should - and must - be treated with equality.

"I felt compelled to do my civic duty, which in this instance was to call out injustice and divisiveness as I saw it. My only regret is that the lyrics are still all too painfully relevant today.” - Stephen Stills

Time for change. Time for transformation. We need active, informed citizen engagement. We need competent, ethical leaders. We need a youth-led movement demanding progressive policies that will heal a divided country and influence the world. We need to exercise our civic duty, get out and VOTE.

Inspired by the words of Stephen Stills and his song that resonates as much today as it did 54 years ago, InStill Change is dedicated to supporting a new generation of activists who are SPEAKING THEIR MINDS, building unity, and leading us all to a better future. Donations from the sale of INSTILL CHANGE items will benefit a carefully curated selection of non-profit organizations with the mission to lead progressive social/political change through civic education and engagement.

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